Tantra Massage makes you feel loved, nurtured, lighter and generally with feelings of happiness and enthusiastic for life.

Tantra Massage

Your body is the temple of the soul

In Tantra the body is the temple of the soul and I treat your body as the sacred vessel it is.

I massage you in a loving and honouring way allowing you to experience your innate sense of divinity through your body.

Tantra massage welcome the whole of your body (including genitals)

to receive nurturing touch and healing massage.

You are of course welcome to state boundaries and share with me any choices around inclusion/exclusion of parts of your body and any other boundaries that support you in feeling safe.

Whole Body Energy Orgasm

During a tantric massage we will move the energy in the body to release any blockages or tension allowing the energy to flow more freely throughout.

Sexual energy (arousal) may spread throughout the whole body, which can create waves of pleasure, relaxation and whole body energy orgasms, and for those of the spiritual path there is potential to connect to the divine.

It does not usually include ejaculation because this is a waste of your sacred life-giving juices. But if ejaculation happens it is celebrated like everything else in Tantra.

Meditation As The Essence Of Tantra

We start the session seating in front of each other, and I will guide you through a

Tantric meditation, to help you to be present and connected with your body energy.
In the preliminary part of the massage you will experience soft stroking with fabric and feathers and a caressing meditation using the finger-tips.

The light stroking is such a delight for the skin that it draws the seeker instantly into present moment and so the touch becomes a meditation.

This is the essence of Tantra.

For longer sessions I can create intuitively an opportunity for connection and intimacy.

We may share an eye gazing, breath work or hugs. We may share a Chackra Tantric Meditation or other tantra practices.

I will be covering your body in warmed raw, unprocessed organic coconut oil, which has many therapeutic benefits.

It is full anti oxidants including Vitamin ‘E’ so it is a great moisturiser for dry skin and even repairs damaged tissues.

It is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.

If you have an extremely dry skin you can bring your own E45  Moisturising and I can use that instead.

All We Do In A Session Is An Invitation

All what we do during the session is an invitation and you are welcome to speak your truth.

You will not be persuaded or pressurised into doing something which you do not want.

For example, if you do not want to take some or all of your clothes off, or experience receiving a Lyngham massage, your wishes will be respected at all times.

If something ever doesn’t feel right during the session you can always request to be changed of stopped.