Tantra Massage makes you feel loved, nurtured, lighter and generally with feelings of happiness and enthusiastic for life.

Tantra Massage

Your body is the temple of the soul

In Tantra the body is the temple of the soul and I treat your body as the sacred vessel it is.

I massage you in a loving and honouring way allowing you to experience your innate sense of divinity through your body.

Tantra massage welcome the whole of your body (including genitals)

to receive nurturing touch and healing massage.

You are of course welcome to state boundaries and share with me any choices around inclusion/exclusion of parts of your body and any other boundaries that support you in feeling safe.

Choose from 3 styles of Tantra Massage

Tantra Sensual flow oil massage

Tantra Deep body work oil massage

Tantra Kink Massage

How the Tantra Massage happens

How to prepare to receive a Tantra Massage