I am based in UK and travel to IRELAND at various locations.

My clients can expect to visit a private, discreet holiday  home, usually in a rural area.

Full address is given once appointment is fixed.

I highly suggest to plan ahead and book with notice to avoid disappointment.

Locations and Dates


👉 22nd to 24th – Swinford Co. Mayo


👉 25th to 26th – Cavan City –  Co.Cavan


👉 27th to 28th – Galway City Co. Galway


👉 2nd to 6th – Charleville Co. Cork


👉 9th to 10th –  Killarney Co. Kerry


👉 10th to 14th – Birr Co. Offaly


👉 14th to 16th – Gormanston Co. Meath


👉 16th to 18th  – Mullingar Co. Westmeath


👉 18th to 20th  –  Dublin Co. Dublin


👉 21st to 27th  – Marshaltown  Co. Wexford


👉 29th to 30th  – Wexford City – Co. Wexford