How to make the most of your session

Prior to your session

Please arrive freshly showered or plan to take a brief shower at the start of our session together.

A shower will also be available at the end of your session if you would like

to freshen up prior to departing the temple space.


Please arrive on time, neither late nor early.

Should you be running late, please let me know so that I may adjust our time accordingly.

An on-time arrival creates an easy start of our sacred time together.

After entering, please remove your shoes upon entering the temple space.

After Your Arrival

I will invite you to sit comfortably in the sitting area,

relax and have a little chat that will last about 20 minutes.

This will be your chance to put forward any special requests or enquire on any other matters.

This is an extra free time added to your booking session.

You will make the payment while in the sitting area,

and then you will take a shower if you haven’t already done.

Wrap yourself in a sarong and meet me again in the temple space.

We start the session with some guided breath techniques,

some connection practices and if you are comfortable a long nurture embrace.

During Your Session

It’s important that you feel comfortable and safe through your time with me.

I aim to keep our temple space warm and comfortable in all climatic conditions.

If you feel cold or too warm, please let me know.

My personal preparation to meet you

My preparation to meet you usually starts 2 hours prior to your allocated time.

Prior to our meeting I practice a ritual to clean the energy in the sacred temple with

Sage to allow your energy to be the only one with me in the room.

I practice Mindfulness Meditation or Blessing of the Heart meditation.

I seat quietly, I bring my intentions for the session and  bring you to my mind and heart.

With this practice I find to be able to meet my clients with presence, love and compassion.

I practice Heart Hatha Yoga that makes me feel awake,

focus and flexible to bring my best to meet with you.

I perform my sessions in a meditative state and it is my delight

to feel your body energy flowing with mine.