Frequent Questions Asked

To ensure you are happy with my services and I work only with clients that understand the nature of my offers please read the most questions asked below.

I want to bring as much truth and openness, and clear communication to ensure what I offer align with your needs and desires. We know that the ‘mis-use’ of the word Tantra does create some difficulty in clients finding the appropriate tantrika practitioner who aligns with their needs. Not everybody is ready to start their journey into  Genuine Tantra, which is totally fine. It’s important that you only book a session with me if  you accept my offers and understand what is NOT in offer.

Can we have sex?

No. This is not an escort service or prostitution, meaning I receive no form of penetration (to vagina/anus/mouth with finger/tongue/penis/toy), neither I give no form of penetration.
I facilitate and practice Sacred GENUINE Tantra with my clients, where I am in a position of ‘giver’ and my clients are in a position of ‘receiver’. Therefore, clients must stay passive and follow my guidance through the session.

Does your tantric massage include a “Happy Ending” or ejaculation?

No. Tantra is not goal orientated. Unlike conventional sex, it’s not all about the orgasm it’s about being present to each moment – so sex becomes a meditation. The massage does include touching the genitals, to raise the life force energy and encouraging blissful states, multiple, energetic orgasms and transcendental experiences, without wasting your sacred life-force energy.
If ejaculation happens I celebrate it because it is a sacred juice with life giving properties, but I don’t make it happen. It’s unfortunate that some sensual massages are masquerading as tantra and confusing people. I offer an authentic tantric experience.

Can you wear a fantasy out fit?

No. I don’t wear fantasy out fit, lingerie or high shoes. My session is not about feeding sexual fantasy, neither to encourage man to sexually objectify women

Can I touch you?

The answers to this question fall under the soft boundary category, by which I mean boundaries that can move in the moment. Soft boundaries are chosen during the session in the moment as this is where the truth is found.
Whilst I do not receive active touch it may sometimes be appropriate for your hands to respectfully rest on me whilst I work on different areas of your body.
Our session will be co-created depending how we each feel in one another’s company, how the energy dances between and through us, our needs and desires and always in the safety of respectful consent.

What should I do or behave during the massage?

During a session I encourage you to relax and surrender into purely receiving; to be present with your breath and the sensations in your body in order to create a full-body energetic experience. Breath as much as you want.

Do I need to bring anything?

Usually I provide clean towels and clean sarongs.
Sometimes when I work from Hotels I may ask you to bring two big towels. I will let you know with notice if there is need.

Shower facilities are available with shampoo, conditioner and body washing.
I offer an extremely clean and hygienic service.

Is your location discreet?

All locations I choose are private holiday homes in rural areas of Ireland.
They are very secluded locations. In a few occasions if there any neighbours they won’t know who has rented the house for a few days, so there is no need for any concerns.
You can park right in front of the property or park away and walk to the premises.

Is it normal to be nervous to receive a tantra massage for the first time?

It is completely normal for anyone experiencing something brand new to be a bit apprehensive. A Tantra massage is no exception, in fact because you may also feel slightly more vulnerable the feeling of nervousness maybe enhanced a tad. Remember I work from my heart and I will help you to feel more comfortable as soon you meet me at the door.

Can I bring poppers to use during the session ?

No. I do not consume/offer/sell any substance like alcohol, drugs or poppers.
Tantra encourages the flow of energy in the body and those substances inhibits free flow of energy. Tantra encourages one to be aware, present and awaken. Above substances will supress mind and body sensations.

How do I book and pay?

The best way to book is by Whatsapp or text +353 0874 097 943. Note that messages through the website may take up to 48 hours to reply.
Once we fix the appointment, pay the deposit of  €20 by PAY PAL or Amazon Gift.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Should you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances don’t worry. As long as you give at least 24 hours notice of needing to cancel an appointment you won’t need to pay another deposit when rebooking.

Will you be nude during the massage?

I am a naturist person, meaning I am very comfortable with nudity.
However, I may wear a sarong if I feel the client is losing connection with their own body energy experience.

What type of massage oil do you use?

I use warm pure coconut oil with a blend of aromatherapy oils. If you have a preference for plain non aroma oil please let me know.

If you have any other question that you can' t find the answer on the website, contact me and I will do my best to clarify.