In Tantra there are no goals or objectives.

Tantra is whatever is in the moment and

total acceptance of yourself.

Om Shanti!

I am Dakini Dea, a chanel of love.

I am inspired to share the best of who I am and what I have learned with the world around me.
My mission is to help my clients to heal and grown, to deepening

in love and bring an opportunity of transformation.

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Who am I

An Yogi and Tantra practitioner for over 10 years.
I am a Goddess: Soft and strong. Gentle and passionate. Naturist and vulnerable. Sensual and wild. Spiritual and confident. Grounded and free spirit.
I am originally from Brazil, living in the Uk for nineteen years. All photos through the website are myself and recent taken.
I live an authentic life and speak my truth.

I act with compassion, honesty, integrity and love to inspire and enable each of us to shine.

My Spiritual Journey

I have learnt Tantra with various international tantra teachers in the UK and still deepening my own spiritual practice daily with gentleness.
I live an authentic Tantric life with daily practices as Heart Yoga Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Dancing, Walking in Nature, Self-love, Conscious-Touch, Body Energy and Hugs.

What I love

I love travelling. The sea, sand and the sun make me fell lighter and free. This connection with mother nature makes me feel alive and safe.

I love spending time with my family, my pets and my best friend. They make me feel loved.

I love learning. I am curious by nature, so I am always studying something new for my personal life and to share with my dear clients.

Why do I call myself ``Dakini Dea``

Dakini is a name applied to a women with a certain amount of spiritual development.

A Dakini can also refer to an accomplished yogini, or the female personification of enlightenment and energy.

In yoga, the practitioner can unlock the energy of the dakini by meditating and practicing asanas that open the muladhara (root) chakra.

The dakini is the female ruler of the muladhara chakra. She can unlock energy and potential in the individual. She is a creator and preserver who can help an individual feel at home in the body and in the world.

‘Dea’ is my nick name since childhood and surprisingly ‘Dea’ means ‘The Divine Goddess” in Greek language. She was a goddess of fertility and growth in ancient Roman religion.

I choose to be called ‘Dakini Dea’ as it seems to be aligned with my spiritual path and fit well with my intentions and way of life. I feel like an authentic Dakini in offer to my clients.

My boundaries

I bring as much truth and openness, and clear communication to ensure I offer what’s align with my values and boundaries. I have fixed boundaries which I am the giver and my clients are the receiver. I prefer not to be touched whilst I give a massage.  Clients are encouraged to be passive and follow my guidance. Together we hold the sacred space to explore Tantra in a beautiful, nurturing and loving way.


Many of my dear clients ask me what I like to receive as a gift, so here are some suggestions for you.
Flowers: roses and Lili’s are my favourite
Yankee candles: any aroma
Incenses: any aroma
Vouchers: From Amazon

My Formal Qualifications

Below you can see my life’s healing journey studies as a Tantrika Practitioner, Holistic Therapist, Coach and Yoga Teacher


Body Work

ITEC Certified Massage Therapist – Qualified to
offer a variety of Body work and energy healing therapies:

Holistic Massage
Sports Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Indian Head Massage
Shiatsu Express
Hot stone massage
Usui Reiki Healing
Crystal Healing

Sacred Tantra

Workshops, Events and Festivals with various Tantra Teachers – UK

Ananda Sarita, Stevi Sidsara,  Leora Lighwoman and many others

Verbal Communicative Therapies

‘Life Coaching’ by ‘Coaching Academy’ UK

‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner’ (NLP) – Richard Bandler


‘Mindfulness Meditation’ Teaching Course by ‘Breathworks’ UK



Registered with Yoga Alliance USA (RYS®)

100 hr Heart Yoga Meditation Teaching Course  – Heart of Living Yoga Foundation- UK

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training – Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science -India

500 hrs Yoga Teaching Course – Yoga Renew -USA (currently studying)